Doodling Again

This is my second attempt f doodling. I tried doodle faces, doodle love, and doodle flowers. Doodling is a fun. The more you do, the more you like it. It’s easy to learn and with practice the designs come spontaneous in mind.

Sometimes you might think that it’s hard to doodle but when you try it, the results that you get are amazing.

Here are some doodles I made. I hope you would like it.

Emoticons are fun to draw and watch. This was my first time making faces and these really came up well. There are various other emoticons too that I will try to include in my next post.

Every one of us might have made heart shape sometimes in our lives. These are easy to make and look pretty.

Flowers are pretty, refreshing and lively. I attempted to make different types of flowers on this page. I really enjoyed experimenting and the result was beautiful.

Let me know, which one is your favorite, you liked these doodles or not. Please feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by and reading 📖.


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