Live, Learn and Grow

Hello Readers,

This is my second post in the series “Random Clicks”. My first random clicks were on birds. In this post, I am sharing few photographs that were taken by my husband. Photography is his passion and he never misses a chance to click the mesmerizing beauty of the nature.

Nature is captivating. Nature is mesmerizing. Nature is pure. Nature is serene and so are the flowers. Flowers are beautiful and attractive. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, so many colors and so many types of flowers. Every flower of any color is beautiful.

A flower can make your day. A flower shows love, care and affection. A flower also shows grief and pain. Many don’t like plucking flowers while some like gifting a bouquet or a single flower. Even plucked or unplucked flowers are always beautiful.

Roses are my all time favorites. They are so so beautiful. They are beautiful in every color. Red roses, yellow roses, purple roses, pink roses, and all beautiful roses. The fragrance of roses are also pleasant. You can’t ignore a rose.

Flowers are attractive. These are also edible and decorative. Flowers have multiple usage. Besides being so pretty they are also used to extract organic colors and fragrances.

Periwinkles are as pretty as any other flower. These are also available in a variety of colors. Periwinkle leaves have medicinal properties.

I hope this post would bring a smile on your face. May these flowers bring lots of happiness in your life.



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