A Simple But Heart Touching Poem “Under the Mistletoe” by Tracie Puckett

I have completely fallen in love with this poem. I hope you all will also like this poem. A simple but full of emotions poem.

“A heavy heart can’t bear the weight,

Coincidence or destined fate.

I do not want to hesitate …

Do you?

I have this dream to keep you near,

And losing you is all I fear.

So tell me that you will be here …

Will you?

A pulse can’t rest when on the rise,

Sparked by the longing in your eyes.

I feel there’s more than is implied …

Do you?

If things aren’t always as they seem,

And you can dare to dream a dream,

Consider us a future team …

Will you?

I know they say that love is blind,

An intervention of divine.

Now I believe the stars aligned …

Do you?

Our love would be a surefire crime,

But I will wait the given time,

If you would say that you’d be mine …

Will you?

I know I shouldn’t wonder such,

But something tells me in your touch,

You want to make the two an us …

Do you?

You asked if I believed in fate.

I’m sorry that my answer’s late.

I never meant to make you wait …

Forgive me?”

This is a poem I found in the book “Under The Mistletoe” by Tracie Puckett
You can download the book from this link. https://books.apple.com/us/book/under-the-mistletoe/

All rights are reserved by the author of this book.

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