First Book I Read in 2020

Today I finished a book just in 2 days. This book is also the first digital books I ever read and completed on my iPad. The book is “The New Girl” by Tracie Puckett.

This book is the first part of a series written by Tracie Puckett. Book 1, The New Girl is a story about a teenaged girl with a unique name Abcdef Ghijk who is to a new place and a new school for the eleventh time. She has been moving from one State to another due to the impulsive nature of her mother.

She is used to changing places, schools and making new friends. At Webster Grove school she made good friends and had a crush on her English teacher, Mr. Alexander Rivera on the very first day.

Her mother found a new love that coincidently was the brother of her English teacher. This leads to an odd situation in the family which she was unable to share with her best friend, Bridget too.

Mr. Rivera is also fond of Steph and helps her in reaching towards her goal. But due to the old family situation, she starts to avoid her English teacher.

The book is a short, quick and easy read. It took only a day to complete the book, though I am a very slow reader. It is a lovely book to read and you can read it in a go. The most funny was the name of the character Abcdef Ghijk. Like seriously?? What a funny and an uncommon name? It’s an amazing book if you are looking for a light and quick, stress free read.

The book will definitely remind you of your high school days, friends, teachers and sleepovers at friend’s house. I am looking forward to read the Book 2 of the series.

If you have read this book please let me know about your comments on this book. If you haven’t read the book, please read it. I hope you all will also enjoy the book as I did.


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