Benefits of Laughter

Human life is full of complications. Modern life is stressful despite of all comfort and modern amenities. Stress is everywhere. In schools, in colleges, in relationships, in jobs, almost everywhere.

What can be the easiest way to reduce stress level of any kind? It’s laughter. Laughter is considered as the best medicine. This is at least what science says about laughter. Let’s understand the importance of a good laugh in our lives.

Laugh Out Loud is what we do when we are really happy and enjoying. Laughter in itself is a medicine. Scientific researches also suggest that laughter is beneficial for us.

Laughter improves Blood Circulation: Researches show that laughter improves the functionality of the blood vessels thereby improving the blood circulation. Laughter is good for all the organs of the circulatory system such as heart, endothelium, etc. As the blood circulation improves inside the body, heart and brain also function well.

Laughter reduces Cardiovascular Diseases: Till now we know that laughter improves blood circulation and functions of brain and heart. Thus, laughter also reduces diseases related with heart.

Laughter reduces Pain: Laughter is a natural pain killer. When we laugh a feel good hormone, known as endorphin is released that relieves from pain.

Laughter reduces Mental Stress: How do you feel when you laugh hard with your friends or family members during a conversation? Thrilled and relevant, isn’t it. This is because laughter reduces mental stress. With the improvement in function of brain, the mental stress reduces. Happiness, joy, humor and a good laugh improve the mental health. When we laugh, certain chemicals are released in our brain that reduces stress level.

Laughter boosts Immunity: A long term effect of laughter is that it boosts our immune system. When we laugh, we are happy, that reduces stress and negativity from our body. As negative thoughts have negative effects on our body, positive thoughts improves the health conditions. Reduction in stress and negativity increases positivity in the body and enhances immunity.

Laughter improves Overall Health: Laughter not only improves the mental health, it also improves the overall health of a person. Laughter stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and enhances the functions of vital organs such as lungs. In this way laughter improves the overall health.

Laughter is also associated with improved blood pressure levels, enhancing mood and acts as a natural remedy for many health related issues. What more you need to be happy and laugh? What are you waiting for? Now that we know the power of laughter, let’s laugh and giggle and make our lives full of positivity and happiness.

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