This is the Right Time

We often hear from people saying “This is not the right time. Wait for the right time to come.” sometimes they are right but not always. Sometimes it’s good to be patient and wait for the right time to come. But if this is done always, it’s not good. If we keep waiting for the right time, that right time will never come.

It is we who can convert this time into the right time because right time is never going to come. This is the right time if we understand it. We keep planning for the future.

If we are really passionate about doing anything then we should not wait for the right time but we should make this time as the right time.

You want to lose weight, start exercising today itself. Don’t plan to start from tomorrow.

You have to study for your exams, start studying immediately. Don’t wait for the right time to come.

You want to apologize to someone and you are over stressed, talk to that person right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow morning.

You want to learn something new but you are a mother of two and you are waiting for the kids to grow up a little so that you can have time for yourself. Trust me, you will never get that free time. You have to begin from today as tomorrow never comes.

You have to start today with what you have today. Do not wait for things to change in life. Patience is good but it should be used for other things.

We have got one life. We can make the best or worst out of it. It all depends on us.

I hope you all are having the best time. Wish you all loads of luck for starting anything new that you are longing for.

Stay Blessed and Stay Happy

About Dr Namrata

A full time blogger, a freelancer, a scholar, a reader, a thinker and a responsible human being.

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