21st century – Modernization or Being In-Human

Modernization has made the life easy. Isn’t it? But have we realized what we have lost by gaining this nuclear lifestyle? Or its just the requirements to meet the fast pace lifestyle?

Hello and welcome to our another post where we have again opted for a tricky topic of civilization.

Before I move forward I would like to convey that I am a very traditional person and have strong attachments to the core Family/Religion/Culture/Tradition. Many people will disagree with this thought that modernization has taken our life towards inhumanity. We get pizza faster than the medicine and loosing a phone is more painful than loosing virginity.

Not sure if I am the only one who felt that in a developing country or a place where they look towards western country their modernization means nudity. Or if you don’t drink or smoke you are out of fashion. If you are not cheating on your partner means you are not smart or clever enough to do so.

In the 21st century Sex is cheaper than Love. Bathrooms have turned into photo studios and temples have turned into dating places. Women fear pregnancy more than STDs. Lies have become reality and worshiping god is difficult. This generation is afraid of marriage and commitment but sex is mandatory.

And most horrible fact is, a person who plays with mind, smiles and the one who plays with heart have to suffer in the end or cries.

This is just a thought in mind today so wanted to pen this down. This might get some negative thoughts some one but please feel free to comment your thoughts so that we can discuss.

Happy Reading

– Raghu

About Dr Namrata

A full time blogger, a freelancer, a scholar, a reader, a thinker and a responsible human being.

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