Vaccines do Work

Today, I saw a post on the WHO website stating that “Smallpox is Dead”. Yes, smallpox, a deadly infectious disease has been eradicated globally 40 years ago.

Last case of smallpox was officially reported in October 1977, and in May 1980, the disease was certified as globally eradicated.

It feels an immense pleasure and satisfaction to write, “smallpox was a disease”. Smallpox was a viral disease caused by Variola virus.

Who should be given the credit for this eradication? The Smallpox vaccines 💉? Yes or No??

Absolutely Yes, vaccines do work and that’s why this disease has been successfully eradicated.

Edward Jenner should be thanked too for this because he was the one who introduced smallpox vaccine in 1796. He was the first person to successfully develop a vaccine and even tried and tested it on a boy suffering with smallpox.

If vaccines were not working as anti vaxxers claim then how this disease got eradicated from the globe. We should be thankful to both Edward Jenner and vaccines that we have been born in the world where smallpox do not exist.

Smallpox, vaccines, vaccination, etc are huge topics in themselves. Here I just wanted to share that one of the deadliest disease has gone forever.

About Dr Namrata, Ph.D.

Author is a PhD in Botany (Environmental Science) with keen interest in Biotechnology and Research work. Currently, she is a full time blogger, posting her views and thoughts related to Science and Life.

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  1. onlytheghosts

    Can anyone cite a peer reviewed scientific study with proper double-blind tests and a control group of totally unvaccinated versus vaccinated that shows vaccines protect anyone at all? Regarding the World Health Organization’s claims of victory over smallpox;

    “Smallpox was on the way out, indeed epidemics disappeared decades before the WHO decided to conduct the final “eradication” campaign. It is also well-documented that the largest epidemics occurred in the most highly vaccinated populations, while whose who were unvaccinated, did not have the same epidemics. “–Viera Scheibner

    The forced quarantines finally eradicated the Smallpox virus from all human populations. I can find no peer reviewed studies of unvaccinated versus vaccinated to show that the vaccine did anything positive. A genetic study discovered in 2012 that the so-called “Smallpox vaccine” contained horse pox – the wrong virus; The vaccine should have the correct virus in it to work, but didn’t. The credit given to the smallpox vaccine for eradicating smallpox appears misplaced. Historically, every mass vaccination was followed later by worse smallpox epidemics.

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      1. onlytheghosts

        “We have been vaccinated since we are born and the disease rates and mortality rates have decreased in people properly vaccinated.”

        – That’s a correlation argument, it’s not evidence of anything. There could be many reasons for the fall of disease mortality. What’s needed are peer reviewed scientific studies with proper randomised double-blind tests and control groups of totally unvaccinated versus vaccinated that shows vaccines protect anyone at all. I cited evidence regarding Smallpox vaccine failures, why didn’t you approve that?

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  2. onlytheghosts

    ” I have studied as a microbiologist is that vaccines do work and vaccines have decreased disease rates on humans. ”

    – and that’s an argument by authority (I know because someone told me and I studied it!), not evidence for the assertion that vaccines work is actually true. Shouldn’t you verify what you’re told by searching for such papers both for and against before declaring such-and-such is true only because someone told you so?

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      1. onlytheghosts

        That’s a circular argument which ignores any possibility that vaccines aren’t the reason for the lack of diseases in 1st world nations. Access to clean water, proper sanitation systems, better nutrition, cleaner streets, could also explain the lack of these diseases. Also, many vaccinated people still get the viruses which they’re allegedly protected against. The Measles epidemics have frequently hit the vaccinated, and epidemics have spread among populations that were 100% vaccinated. As I said, you should verify by finding the relevant studies.

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