Herbal Remedies for Healthy and Beautiful Hair: Part II

Beautiful hair represent healthy hair. Healthy hair represent healthy body. All are interconnected. Some people are genetically blessed with beautiful hair. While others have to work hard to get beautiful lustrous locks.

Blessed or not, we can take care of our hair and maintain what we have. We should actually take care of whatever we have. In my previous post, I have shared some hair masks with you that can be prepared easily and give good results.

Today I am going to share some more hair care recipes that really help. We can try one hair care recipe at a time and we should stick to it of 2-3 months to that recipe. Some of the hair care recipes I am explaining below.

Take 1 tablespoon of bhringraj powder in a cup of coconut oil. Mix well and heat it in a thick panned vessel keeping at low flame. Once oil starts to boil, switch off the flame and allow the oil to cool down. Strain the oil and store in an air tight glass bottle. Massage this oil on your scalp at night and leave it overnight. Repeat the process at least twice a week. You can observe the benefits after a month. This oil improves blood circulation, promotes regrowth of hair follicles and helps in getting better sleep.

Another easy method is to take a capsule of Vitamin E and open it. Add the content of the capsule in any oil that suits you such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. Mix it well and apply on hair and scalp massaging in a circular motion. Leave the oil overnight and wash with a mild shampoo in the morning. You can apply this oil twice a week.

Take equal amount of fresh aloe vera gel and organic coconut oil in a bowl. Heat the mixture on low flame keeping the bowl in a thick panned vessel containing water in it. After 10 minutes, switch off the flame, remove the bowl and allow it to cool down. Store this oil in a dark bottle and use it within 2 weeks. Apply this oil on your hair and scalp by gently massaging it. Leave the oil for an hour and wash with a mild shampoo. Repeat this process twice a week. This home remedy stops hair fall and hair breakage.

About Dr Namrata, Ph.D.

Author is a PhD in Botany (Environmental Science) with keen interest in Biotechnology and Research work. Currently, she is a full time blogger, posting her views and thoughts related to Science and Life.

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