I am overwhelmed by the notification I just received on my WordPress. WordPress notifications are always surprising and makes happy.

What I just saw was also very surprising and emotional. I have 500 likes on my blog today in one and a half months. I don’t know whether it is less or more as compared to new beginners but for me it’s a great number.

It’s not just a number for me. It’s love and blessings from all of you who take time to read, like and comment on my posts. To those who follow me, I am highly grateful to them.

Thanks a lot each and everyone of you who are witnessing my blog grow everyday and reach a new milestone day by day.

Thank you

Namrata 🙏🏻😊

About Dr Namrata, Ph.D.

Author is a PhD in Botany (Environmental Science) with keen interest in Biotechnology and Research work. Currently, she is a full time blogger, posting her views and thoughts related to Science and Life.

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