Self-Analysis Related to Lifestyle

I created a questionnaire for self-analysis that is related to lifestyle, based on past one-month experience. I found it interesting in creating and answering the questionnaire. The questions are based on what our lifestyle was last month and what steps can be taken to improve the lifestyle if it was not up to the mark. I hope these questions of self-analysis are suitable to all of us and it will help us to keep a check on our health on daily basis.

Question No. 1: What was your sleep pattern last month?
Answer: My sleep and wake up time was not same in the last month. I tried to wake up at 6:30 am in the morning on weekdays due to kid’s school but on weekends I used to wake up late. Sleep time at night wasn’t fixed too and it was always after 12:00 am.

Question No. 2: How many hours do you sleep daily at night?
Answer: I sleep for 6 hours daily at night.

Question No. 3: Did you consume healthy food last month?
Answer: Yes, I consumed healthy food last month. On weekends I had fast food in the dinner but usually I had home cooked healthy food.

Question No. 4: Do you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily?
Answer: Yes, I do eat variety of vegetables, but I am bad at eating fruits. I am picky towards fruits and like bananas, grapes and oranges.

Question No. 5: Were you active last month?
Answer: Last month I wasn’t that active, and I spent most of my times either coloring or writing blogs where I had to sit for log hours.

Question No. 6: Do you like to do exercise? Did you give enough time to exercise last month?
Answer: I am sorry to myself, but I had a sedentary life last month. I didn’t give time on my physical activity.

Question No. 7: Do you consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes?
Answer: By the grace of God I do not drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and not even going to try in near future.

Question No. 8: How much time do you spend on your cell phone daily?
Answer: I have a screen time of I think 3-4 hours daily.

Question No. 9: Do you have a healthy lifestyle?
Answer: No, I do not have a healthy lifestyle.

Question No. 10: What will you do to attain a healthy lifestyle?
Answer: To attain a healthy lifestyle, I will set up a routine time for sleeping and waking up and will try to stick on it. Secondly, I will do physical exercise for at least half an hour that will include 15 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of Yoga. Thirdly, Sleep is an important part of a daily routine. I will try to have a proper and sound sleep that can help me in having a stress-free life. Fourthly, I will take 10 minutes at night to meditate to relax the body. Lastly, I also need to work on my screen time as I need to reduce it to 1 hour.

I firmly believe attaining a healthy lifestyle is not so difficult. Only we need to have a strong determination. I will try to focus on the points I mentioned here. Let’s see how much I achieve this month (December 2019).  I will again write my progress or failure in the month of January 2020. Till then Stay Happy and Stay Blessed.

About Dr Namrata

A full time blogger, a freelancer, a scholar, a reader, a thinker and a responsible human being.

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