Homemade Loaded Nachos

Being reluctant to trying new food, I gave a try to Loaded Nachos 2 months earlier and since then I and my kids have become a big fan of this recipe.

My husband tried to make loaded nachos at home a week earlier and it really turned out great.

Homemade Loaded Nachos

My kids complemented my husband by saying that the Nachos were better than what we had in the Restaurant.

It was very easy to prepare, simply bard and not fried topped with diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and guacamole.

You can lot more veggies and meat as per your choice and taste. My kids like these to be simple and creamy and no meat.

In our loaded nachos the base was of pita baked chips and not the tortilla chips. It is an easy recipe to prepare with variety of modifications.

Give it a try. You will never regret.


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