What is a Family?

“FAMILY”, how do you define it?? I tried to decipher the letters in the word “family” and this is what I got.

F – Fabulous

A – Adjusting

M – Merciful

I – Important

L – Loyal

Y – Yearning

These words can be absolutely replaced by other fascinating words depending upon the vocabulary of a person. My limited vocabulary put me to this conclusion.

Family consists of important people that are loyal to you and adjust to any circumstances and situations.

Family is adjusting, filled with fabulous people that are really important in our lives and we yearn for them when we are not together.

Family is everything. It gives you the wings to fly. It never curbs you. It stands by you in whatever situation you are.

Family is all about love, understanding, sacrifices and mercy. Family forgets the wrong deeds.

Family accepts us with all our faults, tantrums and ignorance.

Family is fabulously awesome. It is supporting, encouraging, consoling and a guide.

Family is a blessing and family is everything. So love your family. Go back to your family, talk to your family members, hug them, open up and show them how much you care about them.

Stay Happy Stay Blessed 😊😊

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