Being Motivated : Seven Ways of Life

Thank you for the encouraging response on my first “Being Motivated” post, and as promised here is the second session of the post. Today we are going to talk on the ways of life to be successful.

Well if you think a perfect life exists, you must be dreaming. Perfect life is a myth. Everyone is having some or other trouble in his/her life. For example, for the CEO of a managing company, several departments of the company are a worry. For a homeless food is a worry, hence everyone is having a challenge in their life.

Today, I am going to highlight the seven ways of doing things that can reduce the waste of your efforts in life:

  1. Have a Major Goal: Walking without knowing the destination might land you nowhere. Isn’t it? Similarly, we need to have a major goal to set the path to success. If you don’t set the goal you will get diverted while aiming something big.
Ways of life

The best way is to set the major goal and have mini milestones. Setting the interim goal over a major goal is the best practice to do. This also gives you a way to do a self-assessment as to how you are proceeding towards your goal. If you fail to reach interim goal over a major goal it means, something is not working right, and you need to revisit what went wrong on smaller goals and correct it first.

  • Finish What You Start: Leaving half done things can create many problems in your life so it’s always suggested to finish what you start. You don’t start if you do feel like it’s not going to end very soon or if you don’t have a clear road map. This will help your life to have less thing in your hand which you need to manage. Keeping the track of pending items can be very tedious and it may consume you lots of time, effort and your energy.
  • Socialize with Others or People with Similar Interest: If you want to be a cowboy you must associate with the cowboy. Socializing for no reason may be a very harmful thing for your success but socializing with the people of the same interest may lead to a greater success. For example, let’s suppose you are part of group that has 5 people and if one person in the group is a loser, it means the whole group is a loser and vice versa. It means, sharing information with the people of same interest is a win-win situation for all. This topic influences point number 6 and 7 of the post.
  • Learn How to Learn: Yes, if you have read my last post this point was also mentioned in my Last post. Learning is an ongoing process that takes place throughout the life. The way we learn is also important. Securing the high marks at academic level is not actually considered as learning but the application of that academic learning is the key.
  • Harmonize with the Natural Talent: Natural talent creates motivation; motivation creates persistence and persistence gets the job done. As I mentioned in my earlier point number 3 that socializing with people of similar interest has a lot to do with harmonies with the natural talents. If you are around with a natural talent obviously you are not going to be a loser. You will be a winner in a rope and the whole group will be the winner. This is very much related to with how you socialize yourself with the people of similar interest. Thus, it is always suggested that you should harmonize with the natural talent.
  • Increase the Knowledge that Inspires You: You need to know more about the things that truly inspires you.  The more we know about the subject the more we want to learn about it. It gives us self-confidence. The subject that you learn more and more, you grow more.
  • Take Risk: Failing and bouncing back is great. It is better for your confidence. No success can be achieved without a string of failures. Taking risks may lead to failures but it will certainly give you a lot of learning and most important you get experience from the failures. Taking calculated risk is a safe option but sometimes if you don’t know what’s going to be or happen. On the other end you still need to take the risk to have a learning of it.

These seven ways will keep you on track to success or will keep you motivated. There are few points here that leads to help you in your path to success and keeps you motivated. I am closing this post with the positive note that you will like this post.

Thank You,


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