Thyme: A Wonderful Herb

Thyme, also known as French Thyme and Garden Thyme,  is a popular herb used as spice in cuisines to enhance the taste and flavor of the food. It has a strong fragrance that works wonders with the food. Apart from culinary benefits, Thyme is also known worldwide for its medicinal properties. It is also a […]

Aloe vera: The Plant of Immortality

In the previous blog post, I have given a brief introduction about a traditionally important plant Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant of tremendous therapeutic benefits and is used in herbal products and cosmetics for skin care and hair care. The medicinal benefits of Aloe vera is known for centuries and it has an […]

All About Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant of tremendous benefits and does not need an introduction. It is a plant of amazing therapeutic properties that make it the favorite and commonly used herbal home remedies around the world. It is found in almost all herbal products for hair care and skin care. It is also a medicinal […]

Sarcasm or Truth?

While scrolling through my social media page, I came across a thought that I shared 7 yrs ago. The thought is apt today also. Nothing changed in 7 yrs. You must be thinking, what am I talking about?? So have a look what I found today. What thoughts came into your mind when you saw […]

Understanding Cannabis

Cannabis what’s that?? Some of us are familiar with this name while others are not. In the United States and Canada it is commonly known as marijuana, weed, grass and pot.  In India, it is called as “Ganja”, a Hindi name. In English it’s called as Hemp.   Out of so many names, the most popular […]

Bug Life Cycle in SDLC

Bug Life-Cycle Who Does What When… Reporting Issues Issue Life-Cycle Diagram Assigning/Accepting Issues Evaluating Issues Resolving Issues Fixing Issues Duplicating Issues Rejecting Issues Verifying Issues Reopening Issues Closing Issues Appendix: Issue State Table Who Does What When… Reporting Issues The reporter (person who files the issue) is supposed to be familiar with and follow the […]

Bad Day or Good Day ? Act Now

Do you spend extra minute in bathroom to catch up your social media messages? Have you ever started your day without a shower in the morning? If yes, then probably you are not having a real good morning. Today, at Pen of Hearts we are going to talk about the few habits you might need […]

Facts About Birds

Hello Readers, Here I have some interesting facts about “Birds”, some of which you might have been knowing or some might not or might be knowing all of these….Anything be the case, it is always interesting to go through some facts if you like reading and enhancing your knowledge. If you love watching birds, knowing […]

NEST: A Bird’s Home

Not only humans build their homes. When it come to “Home Sweet Home” birds are no less than us. Birds are great architects in building their homes which are commonly known as “Nests” and the process of building a nest is called “Nesting”.  What do you think when you look at a bird’s nest? Are […]

Bushkill Falls: The Niagara of Pennsylvania

Yes, you read right. Bushkill Falls is known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. We visited in the 1st week of September. It is a famous tourist attraction in the state of Pennsylvania. As the name suggests, it is a waterfall that has various trails constructed in a beautiful way to attract tourist. Bushkill Falls is […]