A Beginner at Coloring

Yes, you read the topic right. Recently I wanted to give a try to Coloring. I am not a colorist or an art student. I am a hard core science scholar who completed her Research in 2017.

While waiting for a job or a Postdoctoral research position which is very hard to get, I thought of trying my hands at new things that once I wanted to do but couldn’t do till date due to my studies.

So, I started of doing some art work like drawing, coloring or painting. I am really bad at creating new pictures and figures and I even don’t know anything about painting. Coloring is one thing that each one of us has done at school level.

I knew I can color so I started looking for some coloring videos at YouTube. It’s the easiest thing to grab some knowledge about anything if you don’t have a clue about where to start from.

I acquainted myself with some adult colouring books 📖, color pencils ✏️, gel pens 🖊, and markers. Since I am a beginner I just wanted to start from the scratch and buy things that are just basic as well as cheap.

So I grabbed few adult colouring books 📖 from Dollar Tree and Walmart. I bought one set of gel pens and coloured pencils too from Walmart. Gel pens have always been my favourite since school days.

Then, I started to color pages from the books and initially it took 5-7 hours to complete one page on an average of 1 week because I could color only for an hour everyday.

Since, I am just a beginner my colourings might look childish but I give my 100% to each of these.

Let me share you some of my coloured pages from my colouring books.

These are not the best but I did my best. I really enjoyed colouring all this pictures and looking forward to colouring more of such pages.

I hope you will like these and would encourage me. Colouring is my favourite hobby these days and it acts as a relaxing therapy to me.

I think learning is a continuous process and we can learn at any phase. So I am at learning phase of colouring.

Happy colouring ✏️✏️ from a budding colorist.


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