Snowing 🌨 Happy Winter

How do you feel when it’s snowing?? Many enjoy snow ⛄️ while others cuddle in their cozy blankets.

It snowed mildly yesterday. My kids enjoyed viewing it from the patio as it was too cold outside. When it snows outside, it’s beautiful to watch.

Nature relaxes in its own ways. You can spend hours just watching the serenity of the nature and can never get bored. At least this is what I feel.

Snow is not my favourite entity when it comes to nature but there is no harm watching it from the windows. Snow ❄️ always reminds me of the drop in the temperature and I can’t tolerate too much cold weather. I really get scared when temperature drops below 1 degree C.

Sometimes it’s quite depressing. You can’t go out. Kids can’t play in the playground. You are confined to your houses. You receive sunlight but it doesn’t give you the actual warmth.

To me sunlight is the real source of energy and warmth. I feel the places depressing that do not receive sunlight. So for me, sunlight is very important.

Sunny days are full of energy and positivity. I love sonny days. And when it is sunny after snowing 🌨 it looks good but weather still remains chilly 🥶.

Snowing 🌨 with chilling winds actually hurts the bones. To me it feels like the wind is passing through all layers of clothes and the skin.

It’s good to at home when it snows but it’s not generally that happens. You have to go out for work and for grabbing stuffs from shops such as groceries and produce.

How to enjoy in winters? Grab a coffee ☕️ and enjoy the chilling weather. Winters have just started. It’s going to be worse in January. Real winters are still to come.

Wish you Happy Winter ❄️.

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