Book Review : What the Wind Knows?

A romantic love story that shows that love has no boundaries. Even time can’t be a barrier in love.

I quote “In Love Time is Not a Barrier” – Amy Harmon.

This was my first book of Amy Harmon and I really loved it. It is a romantic love story ❤️ that crosses the time to find love and creates a magic that is spelled in the air. The surroundings, people, streets, trees, houses, lake and even the wind is the witness of love between Thomas Smith and Ann Gallagher.

The book holds the reader. I never wanted to keep the book down. It keeps you thinking about the story even when you are not reading it.

The story is all plotted in New York, The USA and Cities of Ireland such as Sligo and Dublin. The book revolves around the independence movements in Ireland 🇮🇪 in early 19’s.

It’s a good read if you like love stories. I enjoyed reading the book and looking forward to reading another book of the same author.

Happy Reading 📖.

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