It All Lies in Perception

When we see problems all around the world what thoughts come to our mind?? Should we ignore and just don’t react? Shall we just leave the problems as it is because its not related to us? Or can we do something? Can we make a difference? Can we do one step every day to change what we don’t like in our surroundings? Can our little steps make a big difference in the society?

Today, while I was scrolling through my Facebook, I found this.

Changing the way we look at things can cause a difference in how we think. Looking at an issue as a problem makes that issue a problematic issue. If we look at an issue in a positive way the issue might be resolved easily.

May be Max Planck, the German Physicist tried to tell us that “it all lies in the perception”. How we perceive things or issues makes a hell lot of difference.

We often come across such situations in our day to day life where just changing the way we look at some issue, the issue itself changes. Problems don’t look like problems when they are not seen as problems.

This was what I understood about this quotation. Please let me know what you think about it.

Have a Good Night 😊.

About Dr Namrata

A full time blogger, a freelancer, a scholar, a reader, a thinker and a responsible human being.

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