Sarcasm or Truth?

While scrolling through my social media page, I came across a thought that I shared 7 yrs ago. The thought is apt today also. Nothing changed in 7 yrs.

You must be thinking, what am I talking about?? So have a look what I found today.

What thoughts came into your mind when you saw this? Our perceptions vary.

What can be done in this aspect?

Can we stop making papers? No.

Can we stop making pencils? No.

Can we stop reading books? No.

Then, what can be done to save the trees?

In my opinion, the only answer to this question can be, planting more trees or “reforestation”. If every individual plants even one tree in his lifetime, I think the problem is solved to some extent.

More we plant trees, more greener our Earth would be. More we plant trees, more productive our lands would be. More we plant, more oxygen will be in the atmosphere.

Let me know what are your views on this topic. Share your thoughts as sharing is caring.

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