Facts About Birds

Hello Readers,

Here I have some interesting facts about “Birds”, some of which you might have been knowing or some might not or might be knowing all of these….Anything be the case, it is always interesting to go through some facts if you like reading and enhancing your knowledge.

If you love watching birds, knowing more about birds, loving nature and admiring nature…then this post is for you.

The picture shown below is taken from my window where few parrots happily chirp every morning and nest on a single Eucalyptus tree. 

Let me pen down some facts about birds that I recently collected from different books and websites.

1. The Earliest Known Bird: Archaeopteryx is the earliest or the first bird known to us (https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/evograms_06). 
2. The Smallest Known Bird: Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is the smallest known bird that also lays the smallest egg. Hummingbirds can also fly backwards. 
3. The Largest Known Bird: Ostrich is the largest living bird that we know. Ostriches also have the largest eyes any land animal has. These also lay the largest eggs on the earth. Ostrich is also the heaviest and the largest bird on the earth. 
4. The Flightless Bird: Kiwi, emu and ostrich are the flightless birds on the earth.
5.  The Wingless Bird: Kiwi does not has wings. 
6. First Domesticated Bird: Pigeons are the first domesticated birds that were used by humans to deliver messages from one place to another.
7. Talkative Parrots: As we all know that parrots are too talkative, what we do not know is that they can learn to say around 100 of words. How talkative are they?? Parrots are also known as mocking birds as they can mimic voices and words.
8. A spoonbill bird has beak that is spoon shaped. This shape helps the bird in catching its prey easily. 
9. The Bonding Birds: Flamingos are the birds that bond with their mates for a lifetime.
10. The Swimming Bird: Penguins are the only birds that can swim. Gentoo Penguins swim very fast.
11. The Nocturnal Birds: Owls and Nighthawks are the birds that are active at night time. 
12. The Fastest Flying Bird: Peregrine Falcon is the fastest flying bird on the earth.

I hope these facts would be useful to you in knowing more about birds. I enjoyed a lot while compiling this post. Hoping to return with more interesting facts and a good read for all of you. Please drop your useful comments in the comment section below. It will be really appreciated. 

See you soon. Stay blessed. 🌝   

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