Bushkill Falls: The Niagara of Pennsylvania

Yes, you read right. Bushkill Falls is known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. We visited in the 1st week of September. It is a famous tourist attraction in the state of Pennsylvania. As the name suggests, it is a waterfall that has various trails constructed in a beautiful way to attract tourist.

Bushkill Falls is a mesmerizing place. People who love to watch running water, rivers and mountains will surely like this place. You can actually sit at one place and here the noise of waterfall. Greenery is all over the place. Its full of nature and definitely pleases the eyes.

How to Reach Bushkill Falls?

We went to the waterfall through our own car. Most of the people here do the same. From where we stay currently, it took around 2:30 hours to reach the fall.

What can be done at Bushkill Falls?

There are various things that can be done at the Bushkill Falls. You can do shopping at the gift center, have food at the food junctions or can go straight to the trails after taking your tickets. You can also go for fishing, boating or for picnic at the Picnic area. Children can enjoy at the Children’s playground and at the Mining Maze.

What we did There?

I and my kids were so excited for the waterfall that we first went to see the Wildlife Exhibits that had information regarding the animals found at Bushkill Falls and many other useful information about the fall. After that, my husband purchased tickets for When we had our tickets we got a brochure that had the information regarding different trail options. Actually, depending upon how much you can walk and how much time you want to spend in the Falls, you can choose a trail. There are 4 trails: Green trail, Yellow trail, Blue trail and Red trail. Green trail is the shortest one and Yellow trail is little bit longer but famous. Blue trail and red trails go deep into the falls. Red trail is for avid hikers and is the longest one.

All the information about these trails are mentioned in the brochure. We chose the Yellow trail as it wasn’t that deep and comfortable for as as we had kids with us. We followed the route as shown in the map. If you do not have the brochure (that has the map) you can follow the color signs that you want to be on. Suppose you have chosen Yellow trail, then follow the yellow signs present throughout the trail. The signs help to keep us moving in the correct direction.

My husband likes photography. So, he had plenty things to click for. The trail has stairs, small wooden bridges and spots to view the fall. Kids looked for fishes, pebbles and other creatures in the water. We heard birds’ chirping and we saw few too. Flowers weren’t there in large numbers but we saw creepers, long trees and even dry trees. It took almost 40 minutes to complete the trail.

We were exhausted after completing the trail. We had ice-creams at the ice-cream parlor and then headed towards the parking area. We were back in our car and reached home with new memories created.

Bushkill Falls is not a one time adventure. Its definitely worth revising. If you are at Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey you must come and visit this beautiful place.

What should be kept in mind Before Planing for a Visit?

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Carry jackets and sweaters with yourselves if you are visiting when its cool. Keep yourself light as you will need to walk on the trails for at least 15 minutes.

This was my experience at the Bushkill Falls. If you want to know more about the Falls you can visit their official website http://www.visitbushkillfalls.com. All the information regarding tickets and everything is on the website.

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