Bad Day or Good Day ? Act Now

Do you spend extra minute in bathroom to catch up your social media messages? Have you ever started your day without a shower in the morning? If yes, then probably you are not having a real good morning.

Today, at Pen of Hearts we are going to talk about the few habits you might need to leave for a perfect morning.

  1. No shower is not an option :
    It is proved by science that shower in the morning makes the body more active throughout the day. Not taking shower in the morning may create some anxiety in any person. No matter even though you are planning to stay at home, work from home or you are on vacation/ leave, not taking shower can screw up your day.
shower in morning can make you happy

2. Taking cellphone to Bathroom : This is the fact that we are living in the world of millions of phone app and thousands of social media application. With the help of these technologies we can connect to any part of the world in no time.
In a study, it has been found that more than 90% of cell phone users are habituated to take phone to the bathroom and this is the place people think they can catch the world and social connection. According to science, it has been proved that engaging your mind some where else while passing the motion may not clear your stomach. As a health advice please do not make extra time sitting on the toilet seat even though you are done. This may lead to many long term problems.

Say no phone in restrooms

3. Say yes to Hot shower in the Morning: It has been proved clinically that hot shower in the morning opens up all the brain cells and make you more active. It also relaxes and activates all the muscles of the body. In general, it has been found that person who takes hot shower in the morning is 10-20% more active thanothers.

Hot Shower in morning

4. No Brainier at closet – Have your work place clothes arranged separately from the regular/ outing dresses so that you don’t end up messing yourself in closet when you have 5 mins to decide. You may end-up having a situation that dress is not pressed or ready properly.

Not messy closet

5. Avoid Cereals in Morning: A famous dietitian, Chelesy Amer, vocal the thought that having a slice of pizza is more healthier than eating cereals in morning. Your morning breakfast should include more protein, fats and carbohydrate, but remember do not eat more that one slice. You can also eat scrambled eggs, non fatty meat more as it is a strong source of protein.

Go away from cereals

6. Black coffee?? : Black coffee in the morning increases anxiety and if you drink coffee when you are feeling hungry you may end up having gas issues. It is suggested that you should dring coffee after 2-3 hrs of walking up in the morning. If you can not stop yourself from having coffee in the morning, please have it with cream and little sugar.

Avoid these things to have a perfect start of the day. Have a great day !!


About Dr Namrata

A full time blogger, a freelancer, a scholar, a reader, a thinker and a responsible human being.

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