Sources of Air Pollution

With the increase in modernization, urbanization and industrialization the quality of air we breathe has drastically decreased. The air we breathe is full of poisonous gases emitted from the vehicles on streets, chimneys from factories and chimneys and many other sources. 

Air pollution has become a global concern and a topic of national and international discussion. In simple words, air pollution is the addition of unwanted gases and particulate matter in the environment that possess harm to living organisms.

What are the Sources of Air Pollution?

Broadly speaking, there are two sources of air pollution. 

1. Natural Sources
2. Man-made (anthropogenic) Sources

The picture shown above shows the two sources of air pollution such as natural and anthropogenic sources. Trees also act as natural sources of air pollution as they release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the environment. The gaseous pollutants and the particulate pollutants are two types of air pollutants present in the environment. 

Natural Sources of Air Pollution

This includes the gases emitted in the air from the natural sources such as a forest fire, a volcanic eruption, pollen grains, dust storms, etc.

Man-Made Sources of Air Pollution

This includes the gases emitted due to human activities such as gaseous emission from thermal power plants, industrial chimneys, factories, vehicles, agricultural burning, etc.

Anthropogenic sources of air pollution can be of two types:

a) Stationary Sources: These include the industrial effluents that are released in the environment. Industries and factories are the stationary sources of air pollution.
b) Mobile Sources: These include the vehicles and automobiles that emit gases in the environment.

Depending on the sources of air pollution, air pollutants are also divided into different types. In another blog post I will be discussing about air pollutants and types of air pollutants.

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