How Kids Celebrated Halloween 2019?

Today, it was a fun filled day. My kids were super excited for this day. In morning, they got ready for the school as usual but today they were going to have a Halloween Parade and Halloween Party at school. Unfortunately, the Parade got cancelled due to bad weather. Kids were allowed to carry their Halloween costume to the school. We were also allowed to go to the school for the Halloween Party.

Kids played Bingo and made bookmarks. They also had story telling programs as a part of the Halloween Party. Kids were allowed to go home with their parents which was a bonus for them.

Kids at School

In the community where we stay, kids had a “Trick or Treat”. All kids were dressed in their colorful, wacky, amusing, some scary, some beautiful outfits. Kids looked glittery and super excited for “Trick or Treat”. They also carried a Halloween bucket or a Halloween pumpkin bucket to collect the treats that they were going to receive.

Kids at Home Ready for Trick or Treat

Kids went from one door to another and asked for “Trick or Treat”. At every door, kids were given treats in the form of chocolates, small toys, lollypops and small snacking items.

Kids in the Community

Kids enjoyed a lot in the “Trick or Treat” activity with their friends. Pictures were clicked and memories were created. Kids returned to their homes with bucket full of candies, chocolates and toys.

Bucket Full of Treats

They had a memorable day. We had a memorable day. Everyone enjoyed, had fun and a Happy Halloween at the end.

This was my kids Halloween story. You must be having your story too. Please comment below how you and your kids celebrated this day.

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