A Beginner at Coloring

Yes, you read the topic right. Recently I wanted to give a try to Coloring. I am not a colorist or an art student. I am a hard core science scholar who completed her Research in 2017. While waiting for a job or a Postdoctoral research position which is very hard to get, I thought […]

Thanks a Lot…Once Again

I can’t believe what I just saw. I have 200 likes on my blog today. I know it may be a small thing for some but for me it’s a big achievement. Thanks a lot to all of you who come to read my post and spread happiness with a like. It means a lot […]

Smile Please!!!

What do you observe when you smile at other person?? The other person also smiles…correct!! This is because “Smile is Contagious”. You cannot ignore if someone smiles to you. You smile back to a person. This is because “Smile cannot be ignored.” “Smile spreads happiness.” If everyone starts smiling more than usual this world would […]

Snowing 🌨 Happy Winter

How do you feel when it’s snowing?? Many enjoy snow ⛄️ while others cuddle in their cozy blankets. It snowed mildly yesterday. My kids enjoyed viewing it from the patio as it was too cold outside. When it snows outside, it’s beautiful to watch. Nature relaxes in its own ways. You can spend hours just […]

Body Language – Are You doing These Common Errors?

Thank you for your encouraging response on my first body language blog post . Here is another set of body language act that has certain meanings. Holding Objects in Front of Your Body – Do you hold your coffee mug, laptop in front of you? Believe me, this body language sign indicates that you are […]

Moving Places, Pain or Fun??

Shifting from one place to another can be exciting for some and painful for others. When you have a family with whom you have to move to another place, moving really hurts. Moving places alone might be exciting. It’s good to explore new place, to live at a new place, to be in a new […]

Book Review : What the Wind Knows?

A romantic love story that shows that love has no boundaries. Even time can’t be a barrier in love. I quote “In Love Time is Not a Barrier” – Amy Harmon. This was my first book of Amy Harmon and I really loved it. It is a romantic love story ❤️ that crosses the time […]

Veganism Vs Vegetarian

This is most common discussed topic when it comes to what type of food people are eating. Just like non-vegetarian, vegetarian also has many types. Let me start with the core difference between these two. The vegan eats no animal product on the other hand vegetarian do not eat meat but they do consume animal […]

Body Language – Says More than Your Words

We all know that the way we present ourselves make a difference in perception of others. It needs no evidence or scientific proof that the way we express or we act while talking to others, sitting or standing people around us observe us and makes a perception based on that. For an example – if […]

It All Lies in Perception

When we see problems all around the world what thoughts come to our mind?? Should we ignore and just don’t react? Shall we just leave the problems as it is because its not related to us? Or can we do something? Can we make a difference? Can we do one step every day to change […]