Top 5 features for iPhone which you might not be aware of

Are you using your iPhone in efficient way? In this blog we are going to talk about few feature of iPhone which you are not using just because you are not aware of it.

  1. Have you ever faced a situation when you made a typo while sending a text or writing a email and then trying to delete the typo letter? You might press the text focus and try to set that to the position. But if you press any letter on the keyword then you can move the text. Watch the video.
Easy Focus movement while typing

2. Location : Do you know what your iPhone knows about you? Location service feature has it all. iphone has System services where your iPhone tracks your location. Go to Settings->Locations->System Services->Significant Locations you will be able to see the locations you visited.

Location Services

3. Timer to Stop Music: Think about this, you want to listen to music when you just went to bed but you are not sure that you will be able to turn the music off after some time or you are already in sleep. Very recently this feature has been introduced where not only you can play a music with timer settings but you can also stop a music.

Look at the last option in the Pic

4. Location based Do no Disturb : You can turn on your DND based on the location. If you go to your control center and press the DND icon you will get the pop-up menu with the help of this you can always turn off the DND by location.

5. Application Folder Notification Information : Consider you have one application folder with lots of application and folder shows 5 notification. If you press the folder hard, you will get a pop up menu and in that menu you can easily find which application has notification.

Folder Notification Options

In Next blog post I will be back with some more tech news and things which is common and we should know to make life better. Till then keep reading and learning.


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