Being Motivated !!!!

Being motivated is the biggest challenge. If you are teaching a student then it might be easy but teaching your mind about what you want to be, is the big task. Generally, people lose focus. They start well but they get diverted at times or somewhere.

Let’s take an example, approximately 120 students start engineering degree classes in a college. During their college life, they take same lesson, same study environment, almost everything is same such as same set of books and other stuff. Why only few can make through the course? Why not all the students pass the course or get equal marks in each course? There is no rocket science to find the reason here. They lose the race because they lose the focus. They are not able to lift themselves above the common crowd line. Being motivated towards your goal is important rather than being part of a team.

In an average, there are 500k students getting their degrees. This is the minimum requirement for any jobs in the world. Are we having enough number of jobs? What you should do to make yourself different from the crowd so that you can be noticed to be the Show Stealer? In general, what you do to be noticed in a crowd is either you make yourself shine enough to be in the limelight or raise your bar enough to be seen from far.

Today, I am going to talk about the different ways by which you can keep yourself motivated to not only complete your goal but also to rise like a shining start in the common crowd.

  1. Set a Major goal:  To be at some place you need to set the destination. Think about reaching a place without setting a location in GPS. Not possible these days, right? In the same way, we need to work hard towards a goal. Not matter what you want to do in your life have a goal. The things to remember in this part is you must have small small milestones or mini goals to evaluate the progress.
  2. Finish what you start : Half-finished project is useful for no one. Some one have said in past that “ Quitting is a habit”. It its very important for you to finish what you start.
  • Learn how to Learn – This is a very important part of life. Someone has said in past “Learning Never Ends” or “Learning is a Continuous Process”. You can learn from anyone and anywhere. You can even learn from a newborn baby. There is no defined line for the start and end of knowledge. If you think you know all about something, then why there are thousands of inventions going on every day. More that 20% students score 90% marks in a class, but their understanding levels are different why so.

This is very important how you are learning the learnings. Implementation of the learning is key in any learning. Getting marks in any subject can be cakewalk but implementation of the logic and rules can be tougher than the writing answers to questions. This is the reason kids starts with A for apple rather than A-Z at one go.

I will write another full blog on this topic and will introduce few techniques about learn the learning’s. Till then happy learning.


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