Expectations of a 5 year old Boy

My just turned 5 year old son has many expectations from me. He is completely different from his elder brother. May be it is his age that makes him like this. Whatever be the case, I am very happy the way he is. He wants me all the places wherever he goes be it his school, playground, park or even while watching TV. His day starts with mommy and ends with mommy.

My Lifelines

When we were in India 3 months back, he wanted me to pick him up from the school everyday. Dropping on and off to school was the passionate job of my father in law. As my toddler expected me to pick him up from the school, I sometime fulfilled his demand.

Now, when we are in the United States living together as a complete family with my husband, my son expects both of us to drop him off at the bus stop. So, everyday I and my husband dropped the kids to the bus stop. Seeing kids boarding their bus and waving goodbye makes everyone emotional but it also gives a sense of satisfaction that they are going away from us only for their betterment.

Today, since I was not feeling well due to weather change, I told my husband to drop the kids to the bus stop alone. I convinced my elder son for this and he agreed for the sake of my health but the younger one started to weep. He wanted me to come too irrespective of my health. He is too emotional and sentimental.

Every now and then my toddler often complaints about me for not going to his school during lunch break. Actually, in my kid’s school, parents are allowed to come into the cafeteria and spend some time with the kids and watch them eating their lunch. My kiddo expects me to come to his school during lunch time as according to him, only I don’t come to see him while every other kid’s mommy come to see their kid.

This time, I promised him that I will surely come to his school to meet him during lunch time. Let’s see when will that day come.

Apart from these specific expectations, he has a list of expectations from me. I hope, I would be able to meet him to his expectations as soon as possible.

Being parents, what are some expectations that your children have with you. Please feel free to drop your feelings and stories in the comments below.

Happy Parenting!!
Dr. Namrata Pandey

About Dr Namrata

A full time blogger, a freelancer, a scholar, a reader, a thinker and a responsible human being.

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